Potions & Herbology-Savory Squash Soup

As the calendar turns toward the end of October, the pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns remind me of Harry Potter.   As I’ve shared in previous posts, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, reading the entire series at least 10 times (enough so the books fell apart!) and knowing most of the movies by heart. Continue reading “Potions & Herbology-Savory Squash Soup”

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Sunset Delight

Delightful End to the Day

I love sunsets (and sunrises)!  The colors mezmerize me as I gaze in awe of just how great and wonderous God really is.  When I first whipped up these beets, carrots & onions, I tried thinking of a catchy name.  One that really captures both, the vibrant colors and the explosion of flavors, too.  I immediately thought of our gorgeous Iowa sunsets (and sunrises). Continue reading “Sunset Delight”

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Dilly Cucumber Salad & Water

I’ve been asked to share this Dilly Cucumber Salad Recipe ever since the first time I posted about it – the last time I was at the Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market.  I’ve not ignored you, but I wanted a video to go along with the recipe.  I will have to say, I am pretty stoked about this video-it took less than 2 hrs to complete Continue reading “Dilly Cucumber Salad & Water”

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Zucchini Wedges and Intellectual Wellness

An Abundance of Zucchini

‘Tis the ime of year when there is an abundance of many garden vegetables-zucchini being one of them.  There are so many things to do with zucchini. I’ve been having fun challenging myself to create ways to share them with you.  Continue reading “Zucchini Wedges and Intellectual Wellness”

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Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market

This past Saturday, I was at the Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market at the Riverloop Expo Plaza doing cooking demonstrations and handing out samples.  I love cooking seasonally Continue reading “Waterloo Urban Farmer’s Market”

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Hansen’s Dairy-Good Food That’s Good For You

June is National Dairy Month and I recently spent some time at Hansen’s Diary near Hudson, IA.  This family-run operation has been providing the Cedar Valley with their own brand of fresh milk and dairy products for almost 15 years. Continue reading “Hansen’s Dairy-Good Food That’s Good For You”

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