Rainbows of God’s Goodness

snowy evergreens
New drifts of snowy whipped cream in the back yard

I was hoping for more blankets of sunshine or at the very least sundogs, but we’ve had ice and thick blankets of snow instead.  As I’m writing, the wind is creating whipped cream-like drifts out of the 9+ inches of snow we received over the last few days.  A good day to think about wrapping ourselves in God’s goodness-like rainbows.  Continue reading “Rainbows of God’s Goodness”

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Quick & Easy Lamb Brats as Winter Clings

Clinging to Winter

If you live in Northern Iowa, you know that winter is having a hard time releasing its grip this year.  We got 10 inches of new snow just a few days ago!  Granted, most of it is already gone and the roads are cleared, but the fields are still covered in a blanket of white. Yesterday morning we received a true winter gift Continue reading “Quick & Easy Lamb Brats as Winter Clings”

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