Rainbows of God’s Goodness

snowy evergreens
New drifts of snowy whipped cream in the back yard

I was hoping for more blankets of sunshine or at the very least sundogs, but we’ve had ice and thick blankets of snow instead.  As I’m writing, the wind is creating whipped cream-like drifts out of the 9+ inches of snow we received over the last few days.  A good day to think about wrapping ourselves in God’s goodness-like rainbows.  Continue reading “Rainbows of God’s Goodness”

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Blanket of Fog-Keeping it Simple

Keeping it Simple

This weekend, we’re experiencing a change of blankets.  The snow is lifting and a blanket of fog settling in.  As someone who likes to see the whole picture, fog or not seeing the next steps can be very frustrating.  It’s times like these that I’m reminded to keep it simple.  Continue reading “Blanket of Fog-Keeping it Simple”

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Staying Warm with Blankets and Rosemarried Carrots & Peas

Blanket of Snow

New blanket of snow

Welcome to Winter in Iowa!  Across the state we’ve got blankets of snow & ice, as the temps have stayed well below zero.  I don’t mind a snow day every now and again.  It’s like permission to Continue reading “Staying Warm with Blankets and Rosemarried Carrots & Peas”

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