Local Foods Inspired Baked Pepper Nachos

Community Food Systems Conference

Upon returning to Iowa on the 9th, it seemed as if we brought the tropical warmth back with us for a little while.  January 10th was what I like to call an “open coat” day, with temperatures in the 30’s.  Unfortunately, the bottom dropped again and by the 12th we were below zero again.  That didn’t stop the Courtney Long and Community Food Systems enthusiasts Continue reading “Local Foods Inspired Baked Pepper Nachos”

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Warm Winter Memories

This past weekend, we celebrated Christmas with my family in Western Iowa.  We were also able to celebrate my parents’ 45th wedding anniversary.   While the weather was less than what I would call “pleasant” with highs below zero, the atmosphere, company, food and memories were warm & cozy. Continue reading “Warm Winter Memories”

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